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Are there really seven brothers? Actually, there are eight, but not all of them are involved in the moving business.

In 2002, brothers Tristan and Quinn Crookston saw an opportunity to meet the growing demand during the Las Vegas, NV real estate boom and started moving people. In 2004, Seven Brothers Moving was born with the name suggested by a customer. Later that year, their brother Jeff returned from Uruguay where had been doing volunteer work and joined the young company.

In 2005, Jeff moved to Golden, CO to pursue educational opportunities. While taking college classes, he also established Seven Brothers Moving in Denver and has headed up the Denver location ever since.

In 2010, Quinn decided to expand and seek new opportunities by moving to Kansas City, MO and he is still running Seven Brothers Moving in Kansas City.

Tristan is still serving satisfied customers in Las Vegas, NV.

Quinn, Jeff, and Tristan are the three oldest of ten siblings, eight brothers and two sisters. All the younger siblings have been involved in the moving business at some point in all three locations, mostly during summers while they were in high school and college. But they have all pursued different long-term career opportunities. Seven Brothers Moving has been a stepping stone on a different path for them, but the Seven Brothers Moving family is infinitely proud of all they have accomplished.

Seven Brothers Moving Denver

Jeff grew up in Las Vegas, NV with seven brothers and two sisters. He moved to Golden, CO in 2005 and started Seven Brothers Moving in Denver with the help of his brother Tristan who later returned to Las Vegas. Jeff has since married his wife Stephanie, and they have two daughters.

Seven Brothers Moving Las Vegas

Tristan is the third of ten children. He grew up in Las Vegas, NV and founded Seven Brothers Moving Las Vegas after running Integrity Movers with his brother Quinn from 2002-2004. Tristan still lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Clarissa, and spends as much time as he can with his family who are still there.

Seven Brothers Moving Kansas City

Quinn is the oldest of ten children. He also grew up in Las Vegas and was the one who originally got the family into the moving business with his startup, Integrity Movers. He wanted to expand and seek new opportunities so he moved to Kansas City to start Seven Brothers Moving Kansas City in 2010. Quinn still resides near Kansas City with his son.