Tip 1

When you hire your moving company, review the details of your quote to make sure everything is included. Get more information about how to compare quotes.

Tip 2

Create an inventory of your household good for moving and remove clutter early before more urgent needs take precedent. Get more tips on how to start early for your move.

Tip 3

Have valuables such as antiques and pieces of art appraised. Learn more about packing all of your items safely.

Tip 4

Check with your insurance company to see if or how your items may be covered during your move. Learn more about Seven Brothers Moving insurance policy.

Tip 5

Be sure to make arrangements for pets and plants if necessary as they cannot go on the moving truck. Get move advice on how to move with pets.

Tip 6

If you are moving into or out of an apartment, make arrangements to get priority use of the elevator for moving day. Get more tips on how to prepare for moving day.

Tip 7

Gather all of your important records such as medical/dental records, school records and other legal and financial documents and make sure they are easily accessible.

Tip 8

Pack a travel kit with all the things you will need for the final days in your home and the move to your new home like paperware, toiletries, first aid supplies, and entertainment for kids.

Tip 9

Set aside and properly label anything you do not want your movers to load on the truck.

Tip 10

Prepare appliances by emptying and disconnecting them. Drain power equipment of oil and gas and drain all water hoses for yard or appliances.

Tip 11

Compile a box of items that you will need first in your new home. Clearly label this box to be loaded last so it can be pulled off first.

Tip 12

Contact utility, phone, and internet companies about your move to have your service address changed as well as having your mail forwarded through the post office.