Denver FAQ

We can often accommodate same day move requests particularly in winter months mid-month and mid-week. However, to ensure your ideal start time and number of movers, we recommend calling with as much advance notice as possible.  

Clothes and other soft items are great to leave in drawers.  However, small items can be lost or damaged if a piece needs to be rotated to fit through a doorway or hall.

Moving labor rates vary by the day of the week and throughout the month. Please give us a call for pricing your preferred move day and for a free, no-obligation quote.

Seven Brothers Moving currently has operations in Denver, CO, Las Vegas, NV, and Kansas City, KS.  We can provide service if you are moving within, near, to, or from those cities.

We accept credit card payments as well as cash or check at the end of your move.

We are not bonded, nor would there be any advantage for moving customers in
Seven Brothers Moving being bonded. Please read this excellent blog post on the topic written by Avatar Relocation.

We currently have no cancellation fee for local moves unless written into the formal estimate.  We typically only have a cancellation fee for one-way moves leaving the metro area of origin by more than 2 hours. Please give us as much notice as possible if you decide to cancel so that we have a better chance of filling our schedule with another customer.

Planning a move date during the Colorado winter inherently brings some risk. In cases where we cannot arrive due to severe weather, we will come as soon as possible after the ice has cleared sufficiently.  However, in some cases, this could be over a week depending on the other moves already on our books.  Because of that, we work though inclement weather if at all possible.  We have tire chains for our local trucks and can typically get to you even on the snowiest of days except for some homes up in the foothills depending on the roads. You are required to have an ice-free path between the truck and your front door.  Please budget for it If you’ll need to pay us at our hourly rates to shovel snow because you are unable to. We don’t carry snow shovels with us, so you will need to provide them. Parts of Genesee, Evergreen, and Coal Creek Canyon are some of the areas we go where severe snow and ice may prevent us from safely arriving to moves on icy days.

Seven Brother Moving will cover damages according to our Damage Policy
which reads:

“Seven Brothers Moving (SBM) will be held liable for any damage to most personal property caused by the moving crew while in the care of SBM. Excluded items are ones in poor condition, furniture made of pressed wood (particle board, OSB, or similar material), and items not packed by Seven Brothers Moving. SBM will not cover damages arising from an insufficient supply of quality furniture pads/furniture blankets in cases where it is the customer’s responsibility to provide them (See Question: Will my movers bring their own equipment).

Seven Brothers Moving (SBM) does not take liability for damaged TV(s)/Monitor(s) unless specifically paid to pack and insure them. Such an arrangement must be made in advance of the movers’ arrival. The best way to ensure safety, is to package each TV into a TV box, preferably the original. You can purchase TV boxes from U-Haul and Home Depot among other places.

Should SBM cause damage while belongings are in its care, SBM will arrange to have the damaged item repaired at no charge. If the item or furnishing is beyond repair, SBM will provide a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, SBM will purchase a similar item not to exceed the current market value for the damaged item. Upon agreement of both the customer and SBM, a cash price may be negotiated to mutual satisfaction. All damages will be fully repaired or scheduled for repair, replaced, or paid for within 90 days of the customer making a claim to SBM management.

Additionally, to limit liability for SBM and risk to the customer, prior to SBM arrival, the customer agrees to remove from premises and be in charge of small expensive or important personal items such as cash, jewelry, personal electronics, medications, and important documents. If there are large items of high value such as unique vases, paintings, or other such items, the customer must discuss these with SBM management before SBM arrives. SBM may agree to take liability for such items, or SBM may disclaim liability and encourage the customer to get such items professionally crated.”

Seven Brothers Moving provides several sized trucks to meet all of your moving needs.  Call today for advice on what size truck will work best for you and the cost.

For the office, it is usually possible to reach us between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. We are a small company and sometimes the office person or the owner are out on moves, so it is helpful to both call and leave a voice message, and to text.  Assume we didn’t get the message if you don’t get a reply within a couple of hours.  For moving crews, we can start our first jobs of the day between 7:30 -8:30 and start small jobs as late as an hour before sundown.

Seven Brothers Moving has experience with all types and sizes of pianos. In fact, the Seven Brothers’ father was a professional pianist. We do charge an additional fee for piano moving depending on the size of the piano and layout of your house. Please call for more information.
We recommend that some items such as valuable artwork, certain grandfather clocks, or high-end rugs be professional packed by specialists in those fields. Please contact us with questions. Seven Brothers cannot move hazardous materials such as gasoline, propane, etc.
The movers will bring dollies, lifting straps, and tools for furniture assembly if they are loading your truck. However, they will not bring furniture pads unless you are using a Seven Brothers Moving truck. You must provide the furniture pads if you do not use our truck.
Seven Brothers Moving is easy to work with. We are Honest, Hardworking, and Professional. It is comforting to know that in the event that something does not go right with your move, between the caring crews, office manager, and owner, we’ll be striving to make it right.

For local moves, Seven Brothers Moving collects full payment at the end of each job or each day of a multi-day job.  We accept Checks, Cash, and Credit Cards.

Seven Brothers Moving offers no discounts. Just great service at a good price 😉

Movers do their best work hoping to wow you enough to merit a tip.  However, they are aware that not everyone is in a position to tip.  If you loved the movers yet aren’t able to tip and don’t want them to have to question whether they were valuable to you, positive verbal feedback is highly appreciated and motivational.