How to Hire a Moving Company

Moving can be stressful.  We can help, but we want make sure you are comfortable with your decision to hire Seven Brothers Moving.  Here we provide some valuable tips for making sure you’ve hired the right movers.

  1. Make sure you understand your cost estimate. Not all companies use the same method for calculating their quotes. Some charge by the hour, some by weight, and others by piece.  All methods have pros and cons, just be sure you understand how the quote is calculated.  If you have any questions, we can help.  We won’t be offended if you’re looking around for the best company.  In fact, we hope you will!
  2. Confirm that the quote includes all of your items and that the details are correct. Do you have any unusual, large, or heavy items like a piano, a safe or expensive artwork? Is there a difficult stairwell or will the movers have to park the truck far away from your apartment?  It is important to communicate these details and understand how they are accounted for in the quote.  Some movers may not be able to pack some specialty items so you will need to account for having these packed by others.
  3. Ask about any extra charges. Some moving companies charge a trip fee, some charge for packing materials, while others include it with the price of packing.  Be sure to ask if your estimated includes charges for fuel, travel time, insurance, and stairs or elevators.
  4. Don’t just choose the least expensive moving company. Shopping for a service is not the same as shopping for a product.  Paying a little more for more professional movers may actually save you money in the end if you avoid damages and finish within your timeline.  The level of training and professionalism varies across different companies.  Online reviews and the experiences of others can tell you a lot.  Pick a company that you feel comfortable with, not just one that is cheap.
  5. Book as far in advance as possible. While Seven Brothers Moving can often accommodate last minute moves, many times we can’t, especially at high demand times like weekends and the end of the month.  The more notice, you are able to give, the more likely you are to get the exact time and number of movers you want for your move.

Seven Brothers Moving is a premier moving company specializing in residential and commercial moves and committed to providing the highest quality in customer service.  When comparing moving companies, be sure to give us a call and check out our reviews on Yelp.