Welcome to the Seven Brothers Moving Frequently Asked Questions page! Please browse the topics below to get answers to the most frequent questions.


Does Seven Brothers Moving Take Same Day Reservations?
This truly depends on the day. If we have time slots available we will do everything we can to get you same day service. We can usually accommodate same day move requests if it is not the end of the month, however since that is when we are most busy we recommend calling at least 7 days in advance. In general we prefer as much advance notice as possible.

What are my responsibilities?

·     Be present during the packing of your belongings

·     Take personal responsibility for any valuable items

·     Ensure that no prohibited items are packed

Can I pack my own stuff?

Absolutely! However we do offer packing service if you prefer.

Can I leave my items in the drawers? Yes, you can. Please be sure not to leave anything in that could get damaged, or damage the piece.

How much does moving labor cost?
Moving labor rates can vary by season and are updated frequently. Please visit pricing for current rates.

Does Seven Brothers Moving provide national coverage?
Seven Brothers Moving currently has operations in Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV. We are also connected to reputable moving companies across the country and can help with any of your moving needs, regardless of where you are moving to or from.

What methods of payment does Seven Brothers Moving accept? We accept all major credit cards via online payment through PayPal if paid prior to our arrival. Otherwise, we accept “cash only” at the conclusion of your move. We do not take personal checks.

Is Seven Brothers Moving licensed & insured?
Click here for detailed information about available insurance options.

Are you bonded?
Because Seven Brothers Moving is not a full service company and since we do not take possession of your goods, bonding is not applicable. If you have questions about bonding please contact us.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Seven Brothers Moving requires a small deposit upon reserving our services. We allow cancellations up to 24 hours before the move. Cancellations received on the same day of a move may forfeit their deposit. Requests to modify the scheduled time of a move will be granted based upon our availability on that day.

What is the weather policy?
Seven Brothers Moving strives to work through most inclement weather situations however this is not always possible. During rain without lightning the choice is usually left up to the client whether or not they wish to proceed. During lightning storms we cannot continue and must either wait it out or continue the following day. During the winter if the public schools are closed we will not provide service on that day.

Does your insurance cover damage within the home?
Our insurance covers handled goods (items that we move) but does not cover flooring, drywall, scratches or any damage to the interior of the home. While we strive to leave the interior of your home in perfect condition, small nicks cannot be avoided at times. Please see our insurance page for more detailed information.

Can I order a crew with a truck?
Seven Brothers Moving offers driving help for an additional fee to people who rent a truck in their own name but our current licensing does not permit us to provide a moving truck for you. If you will need driving help, advance notice is required.

What are your hours of operation?
We are available to take your calls Monday – Friday from 9am-4:30pm and Saturday from 10:00am-3:00pm. We also provide moving labor outside of normal office hours if requested.

Do I need furniture pads?
Seven Brothers Moving highly recommends that all clients have furniture blankets for their move. Our crews do not bring furniture pads. Almost every major mobile storage company and truck rental company will rent furniture pads to you for your use. We recommend you rent at least 18 pads. You can always return unopened packs for a refund. If furniture pads are not provided our crews will use any available padding including blankets, towels and rugs, but this is not the recommended method. Please note that we do not insure items if there are no furniture pads as they are necessary in preventing damage.

Does Seven Brothers Moving move pianos?
Seven Brothers Moving does move standard upright and over-sized upright pianos. We will not move baby grand or grand pianos. We recommend that those pianos be crated prior to any move. We require that at least two men be available to handle the standard upright pianos if they are on the first floor with no stairs. If stairs are present we require three men to move a standard upright. Over-sized uprights require four men at all times regardless of location.

What items will Seven Brothers Moving NOT move?
As stated above, we do not move baby grand or grand pianos. We also will not move pool tables, safes, aquariums, tanning beds or any item with a value over $5,000. If you are using a mobile storage unit, freight or rental truck, hazardous material (gasoline, propane, etc) are not allowed to be transported and we will not load these items. If you have a question regarding a specific item please feel free to contact us and we will answer your question promptly.

What about Plasma TVs, LCDs and DLPs?
Seven Brothers Moving will not load these types of televisions without the proper precautions in place. Because these items are very sensitive, our policy requires that they be packed into a box, preferably the original manufacturers. Any television which is not packed correctly will be excluded from our insurance policy. TV moving boxes are available at many moving supply rental agencies.

How can we contact Seven Brothers Moving?
Please click here to see our phone numbers and email address.

How do I receive a receipt?
If you do not receive a physical receipt at the conclusion of your move, please contact us and we will email you a receipt.

Is it okay to tip the movers?
Though it’s not required, our crews certainly appreciate gratuity and it lets them know you appreciate their hard work. However, reviews are what helps us get more business and we are always happy to be able to take on more jobs, so please take a moment to write us a 5 star review on Moving Help.

Does Seven Brothers Moving take breaks?
We generally don’t take breaks unless requested by our client or as required by law. If a break comes as per the our request we do not bill for the break time, however if the break is at the clients request the time is billable.

Do you supply tools, dollies and blankets?
We generally bring the basic tools which are able to complete most jobs. These consist of screwdrivers, pliers, and measuring tape. Some jobs may require allen wrenches which are generally not part of our basic tools. Dollies are provided as they are needed; some jobs simply do not need dollies. If a long carry or heavy furniture is present then we will make sure dollies accompany the movers. Furniture blankets are the most important part of any move, but we do not provide blankets unless we are also providing the truck. If you are utilizing mobile storage or a rental truck please order your blankets through these companies as they will be needed for us to successfully complete the job.

Does Seven Brothers Moving have drivers?
We offer driving service for any truck up to 26′ or 26,000 pounds, however, the truck must be provided by the client. We can handle deliveries anywhere in the United States and can handle towing accessories that are obtained from a rental location.

How does the process work?
Once an order is submitted we begin to staff your reservation. Once our crew has been scheduled we confirm with the customer and provide the specific contact details. We re-confirm with the customer the day before the move to ensure that we’re still on the same page.

Who provides the moving service?
Seven Brothers Moving provides highly experienced employees and independent contractors depending on the size and demands of the move.

Why should I call Seven Brothers Moving instead of just calling my friends?
The benefit of using Seven Brothers Moving is that we are qualified professionals and we care about maintaining our reputation. We thrive on providing excellent service to keep our business alive. We eliminate all of the hassle for our customers and streamline the moving process into one easy reservation. And most importantly, 2 out of 3 friends won’t show up on moving day, guaranteed!

How does payment work?
Seven Brothers Moving takes a deposit when the reservation is booked. This is to secure your reservation and book your time slot on our schedule. We ask for the remaining balance to be paid at the completion of your move.